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I’m disgusted, furious and outraged over coverage of rape case

To The Daily Sun,
I am writing in reference to an article printed on August 15 about a recent sexual assault arrest out of Laconia, written by Gail Ober. The suspect was Michael Sulloway of Laconia. I will not re-mention the victims initials as your reporter did. I am a citizen of Laconia and am disgusted, furious and outraged that a reporter in our community would print a story such as this. Victims initials were used and explicit details about abuse that they endured were published.

Can you please inform why as a community we have the right to know who these victims are? I can appreciate that media in our day in age are always looking for the "big," story and at times compromise basic human compassion and understanding, but as a human-being to print what Gail Ober and ultimately The Daily Sun did is disgusting. These are not only victims, but CHILD victims. Anyone in the community who knows the suspect as well as the victims, can piece together who these young ladies are. Gail, you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself-there are no excuses for what you did! These young ladies deserve a public apology as well as the community at large.
Thank you for your time and I hope you take the time to publish this letter. The Laconia Daily Sun does many wonderful things for the community and I hope will continue to do so, in light of this article that was printed.
Liz Haynes

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