Support GOP candidates who keep their word after the election

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To The Daily Sun,

If I were a wealthy person I would send money to any primary challenger to Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham. The same should be happening for the 2016 GOP Primary with Kelly Ayotte. Of course the goal is to have an honest republican who keeps their word after the campaign. It is always fun to watch the elite republican establishment scurry to protect one of their own. The reason for the small "r" in republican is to show what many of us think of today's GOP.
Both McConnell and Graham are worried because they know they are of no help to the America loving Joe until election time, and then, let's hope it is too late!

With the exception of Dennis Fields, I support the hard work/decisions of the GOP members of the County Delegation. Please don't let us down. Support those who understand that without a government job, nothing is for certain.
Niel Young