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Those on the left are guilty of very crime they accuse of the right

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To The Daily Sun,

In response to L.J Siden's letter in the August 10th edition of The Sun:

I had to read your letter more than once in order to determine whether it was a piece of carefully crafted sarcasm or if you actually meant what you wrote. In the end I realized you were serious. With that realization it became quite apparent you suffer from a malady common to many on the left: projection.

You make a number of accusations that are ludicrous at best, going on and on about what supposedly motivates the right. But after the second or third reading of your letter I realized that the very thing you attribute to the right is what you and many on the left do on a regular basis — you are resistant to facts that do not meet the left's narrative. What's worse is the left will outright ignore them or try very hard to discredit them even when they come from many of the same sources upon which they usually rely.

While some of the talking points you bring up are valid, you attribute them to everyone on the right when nothing could be further from the truth. If I were to do the same thing as you I could easily claim that the left believes in government control over every aspect of our lives, telling us where we must live, how often and with whom we must have sexual relations, how many children we can have (assuming it approves of us reproducing at all), how we have to raise them, where our children must go to school and what classes they must take, what cars we must drive if we're allowed to drive at all, and when we must die. While there are some on the left who believe all of those things, I do not attribute them to everyone on the left. That would be foolish and close-minded.

Do those on the right fear a dictatorship by Obama and his minions? Yes, some do and they have history on their side to justify their concerns. Many dictatorships were not achieved by coups but by the dictators fooling the electorate and, once in power, obliterating the rights and freedoms of their citizens one step at a time until they were all gone. Has Obama made any such moves? From my personal observations, I'd have to say yes. He's already shown that he has no respect for the Constitution, going around Congress when he doesn't get his way and stepping in on matters that are, quite frankly, not within the purview of his office. Does that automatically mean he will become a dictator? No, but it should concern everyone including you and your brethren on the left that he has little respect for the law.

Do I deny facts that "complicate" my views? No, I do not. For one thing I know life is complicated and that one-size-fit-all solutions rarely work. Will I question facts that go against things I have learned through experience? Absolutely. I do not accept facts willy-nilly. I wait until I can verify them from someplace other than from where I originally came across them. (Too often those facts come from less than reliable sources. You know, the "I heard it from a friend who knows a guy who's the personal assistant to someone whose brother-in-law's cousin works for a guy that knows these things" shtick, or worse, from some of the less reliable media.) If the facts prove to be correct, will I change my viewpoint? Yes, of course. To quote John Maynard Keynes, "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do?"

And that begs the question, what do YOU do? If I had to guess from what you've written, I'd say that facts aren't really all that important to you unless they confirm what you know to be "true", If they disagree with your beliefs, will you change your viewpoint? Or do you dismiss them out of hand as being false or part of some Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and cling to your absolute belief that you're right and that the facts MUST be wrong or false? If you do, then who's being "resistant to facts that complicate their views?"

'Tis not I.

Chan Eddy