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Obama scandals are ‘made up’ by conservatives? Made up my foot

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To The Daily Sun,

Wasn't Fridays letter by L.J .Siden just filled with passion and emotion? I would also add, road apples!

LJ insists we conservatives are persecuting poor Obama over, what, made up scandals and rumors proven not to be true? Who and when did they get proven not true by? Really now, "Fast and Furious" never happened? Benghazi didn't see Ambassador Stephens murdered mutilated, dragged through the streets and left in a ditch, not to mention three security personal killed as well? I suppose L.J. is sticking to the story it was all the fault of some video no on ever heard of before the president invented that as a false narrative just before the election? Then of course there's the polarizing the IRS, BATF, EPA, and half the rest of the departments in government to violate the rights of conservatives to ensure his reelection. Then his Attorney General Holder goes after the free press, wire tapping the AP, as well as a Fox News reporter and his parents and making a false assertion that the reporter was a "co-conspirator". Then when Congress holds hearings all the presidents men, and women either can't remember, don't know, take the 5th, stonewall or say "What does it really matter after all this time?" Made up my foot L.J.
I'd just remind L.J. of a few outstanding accomplishments of his beloved Marxist-socialist president. Broken promises from the day he was sworn in until present. Among those, an open and transparent administration. (Nearly everything he does is behind closed doors.) To bring Americans together and work with Republicans. (He has shut out all dissenting opinions.) Failed to enforce federal laws on immigration, rules by presidential decrees, makes unilateral decisions without the inclusion or consent of Congress. He did promise to make the cost of energy soar and we have seen the price of gas, heating oil, and diesel fuel more then double during his tenure. (Oh thank you Mr. President we poor and elderly really benefit greatly from that.) And while energy prices go up so does everything else because the cost of energy effects every aspect of our lives. I could go on and on but that's just the tip of this iceberg.
This president has adopted the strategy of division by racial, ethnic, and gender means. We have a nation more divided today then in the last 40 years. His foreign policy is confused or non-existent, the middle east is in chaos, and revolt and terrorism rules. Is this the Arab spring he promised? Well done Mr. President!
Now how about our economic recovery, kind of slow going isn't it? But jobs are increasing he tells us. Part-time jobs are better then no jobs, unless the workers need their 40 hour jobs to make ends meet. Little things like that do make a difference in the lives of all those people he promised to help but hasn't. In fact everything he has done has made things harder on the poor, elderly, sick, and disabled. This president is a disaster for this nation, and that's my opinion Mr. Siden, based on the known facts of his presidency. I know progressives have a problem understanding the difference between the definition between opinion and lies, so I just thought I'd make that clear.
Steve Earle