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Universities teach students to be about as free-thinking as ants

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To The Daily Sun,

PSU, goof-ball professor George Maloof had the "academic" fertilizer spreader out again. I hope the administration at the university realizes every time this man opens his mouth he weakens the nation and the credibility of the college. George and the pointy-head gang in academia think the great windmills that surround Newfound Lake improve the scenery there. Another writer pointed out how scary it is to think we are paying people like George small fortunes to "educate" our kids with their deranged, partisan, logic. There is no group in America dragging around more fears, insecurities and "hang ups" than the cloistered, self-congratulating, above all others crowd at the "academy". Simply finding one to think as an "individual" is as rare as the sighting of a yellow bellied sap sucker. They are like a nest of jungle, leaf-cutter ants all placed on earth to perform a single task — which is to constrain business success through sky high taxation, unending new rules and guillotine regulations that even Houdini could not extricate himself from.
The ultimate "academy" mission is to replace capitalism with socialism through government the size of a galaxy, as expensive as a kings ransom, as bankrupting as Detroit unions, and as controlling as a day at the gulag. This is what your kids are being taught when you send them to PSU and almost every other university in America. If you think your son or daughter is being taught some healthy, open and honest view of the world, I can assure you with certainty they are not. Every whack-O, distorted, distilled , partisan, delusion of the world that grips academia like a boa constrictor is inculcated as if college were Sunday school. There is no honest, unbiased, offering of all sides of the issues permitting the kids to think for themselves, allowing them to come to their own conclusions. The college is not some OPEN FORUM where free thinking is allowed to happen. Freedom of speech on a college campus is muted to the "company line of beliefs" where the owners have one mission. That is to covey the windmills that have wrecked the sight and sound around Newfound Lake must be embraced and loved by all because they say so. Professor beliefs must be your beliefs. Any opposing arguments to the contrary, no matter the quality of the arguments, must be demonized and discredited. The stronger those arguments the louder the screaming. Professors channel Obama, opposing thinking is "DANGEROUS". You saw how quickly the IRS interpreted Obama's statement as "legal cover" to launch an all all out, illegal war on conservatives and the tea party to improve Obama's election odds after he and his agenda had been shredded by the tea party in the 2010 election. Obama used the enforcing arm of government to CONTROL FREE SPEECH because it could harm him politically.
Do you think George Maloof or Leo Sandy or any other academic tightly wrapped in the deepest of partisan political thinking have the discipline and courage to offer up all SIDES of every environmental or economic or social argument allowing the student to DECIDE FOR HIMSELF the right conclusion. Consider for a moment the poor student trapped in the college setting with his grade and future totally dependent on listening to and believing the ratings of socialist leaf cutter professors like George determined to replace capitalism with welfare and oil and gas with high cost wind. Don't believe me, try living in Germany or Denmark — both countries use lots of wind and their bills are 300 percent the cost of yours this month. George Maloof and Leo Sandy are only going to teach you what they WANT YOU TO HEAR, not what you NEED TO HEAR.
Tony Boutin