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Everyone at LRGH was exceptionally caring and competent

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To The Daily Sun,

I recently had an 11 day stay at Lakes Region General Hospital, having entered through the emergency department. Yes, I did have to wait. But triage is triage and there were those who were more in need of urgent care than I and, therefore, earned their place in line.

Once admitted to the ER, my care was top notch. Doctors Matrice and Jeffery were decisive, kind, explained there actions, ordered tests and made their diagnosis, and arranged my admission. The nurses were excellent, efficient and caring. The ER was jumping with patients but nothing seemed hurried. I felt like I was the only patient there and all their attention and skill was for me.

After I was admitted and in my room, I couldn't have asked for better care. I asked how many employees are on the floor and was told about 30, counting three shifts a day an those in house keeping. There wasn't a sour face, short temper or bad attitude anywhere. From housekeeping staff, nurses, LNAs and the nice young lady who delivered meals. Speaking of meals; the kitchen was most accommodating, creating dishes for me that were not really on the menu (yes, menu). You get to choose from a varied and delicious variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between snacks. I never had a bad meal. Hot food was hot and cold was cold.

From the staff who took blood, physical therapists to the volunteers who delivered mail and flowers, not a bad apple in the bunch.

And finally to my doctors, surgeons Dr. Greg McCarthy and Dr. Raza Shariff — both specialists in what they do. What they do is reassure, explain, calm fears and instill trust so that I knew from the get-go what to expect so I didn't worry when I came to and felt like I'd been a low jumper in a hurdles race. I couldn't have had better care anywhere.

LRGH is a wonderful facility with modern, up-to-date equipment, well trained staff and soon to be renovated rooms. I had the good fortune to be on 4 North, the top floor of the hospital, which all the staff call "The Penthouse". It certainly is. Everyone I came in contact with has earned my heartfelt thanks, deepest respect and confidence.

Nell Brown