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WOW Trail is a golden gem that needs to be completed ASAP

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To The Daily Sun,

We brought our bicycles over to Tilton to checkout the Winnipesaukee River Trail and "Wow" hardly does it justice.

What breathtaking views of the mighty Winnipesaukee River! What a wonderful use of an abandoned railroad track. the rails are still there. Trees grow among the ties and a lot of the trail was built right on top of the track with a single, half-buried rail running along side.

There are historic information placards about the Winnipesaukee River and the mills it powered in the past, but most have fallen to vandals.

There are vies of pristine wetland that Walk Kelly couldn't match. The trails leads to downtown Franklin. The return trip is a uphill grade, naturally, since it follows the river back upstream, but it is in no way challenging. That's the beauty of building a bike trail along a railroad track; there are never any steep hills, so anyone could peddle them.

Old train tracks are ready-made corridors through the back acres, often remote and always scenic. The WOW trail system following the old rail right of ways, which the state conveniently already controls, is a golden gem and needs to be completed in my lifetime (I'm already in my 60s). The is no good reason the trail should not run alongside the Hobo Railroad. South Down was built with the understanding that a bike path was in the future.

I do agree that a chain link fence would be an awful eyesore for South Down. The fence has been an expensive, unnecessary piece of overkill. The trail between Tilton and Franklin sometimes runs just feet from 50-foot drop offs into the raging river. Not a problem except in a nanny state. Let's get that trail to the Weirs done.

Peter Davis