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Nothing phony about people who died in Mexico & Benghazi

To The Daily Sun,

Where in the world does Bernadette Loache get her news and information? In her letter on July 26, she blasts Don Ewing's account of the Zimmerman case, making all sorts of backwards-to-the-evidence assertions to which there is no foundation. The prosecution attempted to show a racial motive but not even the FBI could do that in spite of an extensive investigation. It was the prosecution that spun unsupported theories and speculation in order to make their case. It was they who did everything she accuses the defense of doing. If Bernie wanted to she could look up, online, Trayvon Martin's history and then decide which side had evidence suppressed, but she won't. Bernie made up her mind as soon as NBC doctored the 911 call tapes and left wing media built their yellow journalism, railroad Zimmerman bandwagon. A true intellectual she.
Speaking about turning things backwards and on its ear, the president and his crew are on the campaign trail again, this time touting the idea of phony scandals. Well Mr. President, there is nothing phony about the hundreds of deaths caused by your Attorney General's gun-running scheme to Mexico. Corrupting the IRS and multiple other government agencies into discriminating against and targeting conservative groups and individuals is not phony either. Mr. Holder targeting the Associated Press telephone and other records, naming a Fox News reporter as a co-conspirator in a search warrant application, lying to congressional hearings more then once and stonewalling investigations counts too. And, yes the little matter of Benghazi and a dead ambassador and three other Americans falls into that category also. We will not allow you and your gang of stooges to sweep these things under the rug.
Just a little side bar, if I may? One recent letter writer says we can have oil or a livable future but not both. I would ask that gentlemen what does he propose to replace oil with that will not economically crush the poor and middle class in this country? Just asking?
Steve Earle


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