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Did Ms. Loesch feel as strongly when O.J. Simpson was acquitted

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To The Daily Sun,

I see that Ms. Loesch is insisting her version of the Martin/Zimmerman case is the correct one even though the facts say otherwise. She continues to bring up the stand your ground law even though the case was based and adjudicated on self defense. I guess common sense will never get in the way of ideology in the minds of progressives. I'm curious as to whether or not Ms. Loesch felt as strongly about the O.J. Simpson case when he was acquitted of a double murder when the evidence showed otherwise. The members of the black community were dancing in the streets after that decision because they approved of it. The members of the white community were definitely unhappy with that jury but they didn't tear up any cities because of it.

On another note, I see that Lynn Chong must have the warring town of Plymouth under control as she is taking her sign and going down to Concord, that bastion of incivility, to see if she can bring peace to the area. Her bravery knows no bounds. Might I suggest that her next stop be Syria or maybe Yemen. I'm sure there's a travel agency out there that would gladly book a flight for her.

Lastly, I see that George Maloof just adores those windmills that desecrate Tenney Mountain. In his letter he goes on to pontificate on everything wonderful about them and how terrible the telephone poles and wires look in comparison. I really hate to be critical of a critical thinker such as George but I have to remind him that the power generated by these monstrosities doesn't move through the air like sound waves but is actually carried through these wires. I guess when you become a critical thinker your common sense is removed and replaced with Playdough. As others have stated before, these are the people that teach your children.

Dave Schwotzer