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Dear Post Office: Do you think my punishment fit my crime?

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To The Daily Sun,

The grandkids, my mother, and I were so excited to go to the Multicultural Day's events in downtown Laconia on Saturday. After circling the block three times, I realized that I would not find a parking place close enough for my mother to walk so I let her out to wait while my grandkids and I searched further away for a parking spot. I turned right by the U.S. Post Office and saw the lot where the mail trucks park. Only two mail trucks were there and about 25 open parking places! Eureka! The Post Office is closed, this is perfect! The kiddos and I walked down and found mom and all of us enjoyed the day's weather and festivities.

When it was time to leave, about 3:30, I had my family wait by the Belknap Mill while I retrieved my car. Imagine my horror when I saw my car was no longer there! It was then I saw the sign on the gate that said Authorized Parking Only. I called the Laconia PD and was told that my car had been towed by Al's Towing and the officer gave me the number to Al's. I called Al's. They said they had my vehicle and it would cost $145 cash to get it back today. I walked back to my family and told them what happened and had them wait in the shade while I walked to Al's. I had to get my purse out of my car to get my debit card. The person that let me into the gated area where my car was told me I could not take my car to go get the cash. He did give me a ride to the ATM after I begged him to for the behalf of the two grandkids and elderly mother waiting for me, also, I don't think he wanted to wait there the time it would have taken me to walk to the ATM and back.

I paid the man — $95 for the tow and $50 for the storage. My car was towed two hours before. I asked the man, who benefits from this? He said that someone at the Post Office calls the Laconia PD and the Laconia PD calls Al's Towing. Al's gets all the money. The man said I wasn't the only one towed that day. My own fault, but some how it seemed that the punishment didn't fit the crime. Expensive day.

Louisa Simpson