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Sarah Palin was right about death panels; let me tell you a story

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To The Daily Sun,

I had an eye opening experience this past July 4th I thought I would relate to the readers of The Daily Sun.

On that day, at a barbecue at a friend's house I met a 60 year old man whose medication has been taken off the list of medications covered by his insurance. He needs this medication to stay alive. Before he was 60 his insurance paid for it. But now that he is 60, under the rules of Obamacare they are not allowed to pay for it anymore. Now he and his wife have to wait every month until he's close to death and rush him to the emergency room where he gets treated because at the emergency room they have to treat you. I'm not making this up. So Sarah Palin was right about the death panels. And that doesn't even touch on what this plan is going to do to the already dwindling job market.

Anyway, that's not even the interesting part. I was upset about this, so I decided to write to Annie Kuster, my representative in Congress and ask her to please vote to defund Obamacare. I got two form letters back from Annie. One was a letter thanking me for my e-mail and another was a letter thanking me for supporting her efforts to keep student interest rates down.

So now I know when I write to Congress no one read my e-mails and no one cares what I think. I guess I suspected that already, but now I know it. There are issues facing this country right now that have the potential to permanently derail it, like the Affordable Health Care Act and amnesty. And no one's listening. And there's no one to turn to. Have a nice day.

Hillarie Goldstein