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Obama will give the poor free cable & they'll give him their rights

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To The Daily Sun,

Let's take a look at the top 10 Poorest Cities in America, each having a population of over 250,000. Next, let's look at the percent of people living below the poverty level within these cities. Please note the last time a Republican Mayor was elected in these cities.
Number one on the top 10 list is Detroit, MI with 32.5 percent living below the poverty level and they haven't elected a Republican mayor since 1961; followed by Buffalo, NY with 29.9 percent and it hasn't elected a Republican since 1954. Cincinnati, OH, at 27.8 percent, hasn't elected a Republican since 1984; Cleveland, OH, 27.0 percent, hasn't elected a Republican since 1989; Miami, FL 26.9 percent, has never had a Republican mayor; St. Louis, MO, 26.8 percent, hasn't elected a Republican since 1949; El Paso, TX 26.4 percent has never had a Republican mayor; Milwaukee, WI, 26.2 percent, hasn't elected a Republican since 1908; Philadelphia, PA, 25.1 percent, hasn't elected a Republican since 1952 and Newark, NJ, 24.2 percent, hasn't elected a Republican since 1907.

Einstein once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Before and after the Civil War the slave owners were Democrats and the slave states were the Democrat states.

In the early 1960s, President Johnson (D) initiated the War on Poverty and the entitlement programs were in full swing. The Democrats saw an opportunity to create a fixed voting base by encouraging the lower socioeconomic peoples, through entitlements, to move into the large cities. (This was before Agenda 21, but the same idea.)

These cities built massive low cost housing projects, which became Ghettos. These large cities could afford the entitlement programs because of their large tax-paying base.

Next, the Democrats convinced the city unions to vote Democrat by awarding them generous contracts and retirement programs. The Democrats with their tax and spend mantra had their voting blocks in place and had all the answers to the social problems; that is until the taxpaying businesses that were being over taxed and over regulated moved overseas.

After the exodus of the tax base, what was left became known as Uncle Sam's Plantations. With no jobs, no proper schooling, no prospects and too poor to move out of the ghettos, the poor and ignorant were trapped and forced to rely on government assistants. Democrats put the poor in the ghettos and keep them there by convincing them they were victimized by the upper class society and Republicans. So the poor, disillusioned, ignorant, ghetto dweller continues to vote Democrat. But what the Democrats failed to tell their constituents is that with $17 trillion in debt, the government is going the same way of Detroit.

Obama must collapse the dollar within the next three years. This is when Obama's ultimate plan takes effect. With millions of people depending on entitlements and then suddenly finding themselves without the basic necessities including food Obama comes to the rescue.

Empty stomachs equal's food riots followed by marshal law curfew regulations, controls, restrictions, confiscation of guns and private food supplies by Obama's Homeland Security army.

He suspends the Constitution and appoints himself dictator. In actually if he provides the food the people they will call for the Constitution to be abolished and insist on Obama (their savior) to take complete control.

Obama will give the poor free food and free cable TV so they can watch American Idol at which time the indigents will gladly give up their rights.

It wasn't long after Rome provided the masses with free bread and entertainment / games in the coliseum/amphitheater that the republic went down the tubes and soon after that some of the spectators became reluctant participates in the games.

Remember this, Obama is a Muslim and as such Sharia Law will become the law of the land. So you can look forward to public floggings, stonings and executions (beheading) simply for being gay, Christen or Jewish.

If you find this far-fetched, read what is happening in Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood. Oh, and for the edification of Sun's readers, the Muslim Brotherhood has visited the White House more times than the past director of the IRS. Another little known fact is that when the Muslim Brotherhood visits the White House all the pictures of the past presidents are covered up but as we all know cover ups in the White House are a common occurrence.

George Dengel