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Jury was far more qualified to decide Zimmerman case than you or I

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To The Daily Sun,
In response to Mr. George Maloofs letter as printed in the July 26th Daily Sun:
Mr. Maloof, my issue with your letter is not with your fact finding tour of Duke researchers and their findings. I happen to watch Fox News as well as gathering information from many other sources for as balanced an opinion as I am able to form.The point is, I then think for myself and have my own opinion.You seem to paint with a broad brush anyone who disagrees with your own ideas as part of a "fringe" element, spewing out "irrational frenetic diatribes".
I guess I do not understand these "cultural dynamics" and such as well as you profess to. I DO however understand and believe that for the most part our justice system, although flawed, works. And more importantly sir... I was NOT in that courtroom... were you?. I submit that you are simply swallowing whatever brand of information you gleaned and then judged Mr. Zimmerman all by yourself.Nor was I there for the confrontation that night so really have no business in determining what happened.As best as they are able, a jury heard the evidence and came to a conclusion.They were far more qualified to do so than are you and I.
Racism certainly exists here in the U.S. — and everyplace for that matter. It serves no one, however, to take up sides and decide guilt or innocence of another. THAT is left to the courts, sir. We have in our past witnessed the result of factions taking up sides and administering justice on their own... it was called a lynch mob. Nor are people who think differently than yourself to be dismissed as irrational right-wing extremists basically. I served to maintain your right to voice your opinion... but yours is not the only one nor necessarily the most valid either.
Andrew J. Engler