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Calling murder of human being an 'incident' is demeaning & cruel

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To The Daily Sun,

To Mr. Don Ewing:
You sir are the very last person to critique what happened in the Trayvon Martin murder trial and the events which led up to Mr. Zimmerman walking away from being arrested, and then in turn being acquitted (at a trial) of the murder of another person. While he might be a "free man", he will live with what he did until he takes his last breath on this earth.
The jury members hands were literally tied by what they were told, what was admitted as evidence and how it was presented by the defense team headed by a very cleaver Mark O'Mara. Is it not enough that this murder is a real event? Mr. O'Mara spun a scenario similar to a "fairytale", but one with a horrible outcome.
As usual you have to find blame with Pres. Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. As usual you assume that the media is at fault because of what they reported in real time. It's interesting that you "weave your web" of conjecture with some facts, sprinkled with mostly fictitious and deceptive half truths.
Calling the murder of a human being (no matter who) an "incident" is demeaning and cruel. You go out of your way to cause pain and suffering to many people in the United States by writing your callous remarks. Do you do it on purpose, or just because you want to see your name in print? The fact that Trayvon Martin was a Black individual is the elephant that was present in the court room each and every day of the trial.
The "Stand Your Ground Law" recognized in many states, including Florida, makes a mockery of our judicial system. The Sanford Police Department did NOT feel they could charge Mr. Zimmerman with murder as a result of this statute. It was the pressure brought to bear by public outcry which in turn pressured the state prosecutor to finally bring about the process leading up to the trial.
The media covered this news event as a result of all the mistakes made by the Sanford Police Department and many thousands of people demonstrating to show just how unfair the outcome after the murder. Do you also want the media in the U.S. to censor news?
While you are entitled your opinion you are not entitled to change the facts of the subsequent events which lead up to and including the murder.

Bernadette Loesch