Community walking & biking trails have local & global benefits

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To The Daily Sun,

Last year we vacationed in Venice, Florida and were impressed with the commitment of Venice to walking and biking trails. Experiencing the trails both on foot and wheels was one of the many reasons we ended up buying a home in Venice. Personally, many benefits accrue from these low impact activities including health, physical fitness, connecting with nature, and meeting and greeting people. Locally and globally benefits include increased economic and social activity that helps business, government and individuals. Some examples are: people are healthier and therefor less medical issues; tourist friendly; bike tours and walk-a-thons that help hotels, restaurants, shopping, charities, etc. that employ people and collect/pay taxes; lowers the neighborhood crime rate; makes connections between all ages; encourages spending, investment and development; and above all supports community spirit.

We love the WOW Trail in Laconia and encourage not only its use but its expansion.

Peg & Bob Powers