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I actually felt I was standing next to Javert on the bridge

To The Daily Sun,

After waiting a full year to attend "Les Miserables" at the Interlakes Summer Theatre, my wife and I had the pleasure of attending on August 27th. We have seen "Les Mis" several times in various venues, and both agreed this was one of the top performances we had seen! The cast was outstanding. The set was dazzling. The music was mesmerizing. This was a captivating Broadway performance of one of the most beloved musicals of our generation. I actually felt during the show I was standing at the barricades along side the revolutionists. I felt I was standing next to Javert on the bridge. Prisoner 24601 was singing directly to me. Bravo!

A special note of thanks should go out to Nancy Barry, producing director, and Brittany Bara, general manager, for their determination and courage in bringing this wonderful musical to the Meredith stage. "Les Mis" is a complicated and demanding musical. It calls for multiple complex scene and costume changes. The production requires great direction. All of this was accomplished to the highest order. It took a lot of guts to bring this musical to the Meredith stage. Bravo!

How fortunate we are to have this theater group in Meredith. Head over to their website and check out upcoming shows — "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", "The Full Monty", a tribiute to Sammy Davis Jr., and other shows occurring during the rest of the year. Bring your children and introduce them to live performances on stage. It is an experience they will never forget. My thanks to the Interlakes Summer Theatre for an evening of great joy.

Vincent Martino


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