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We have been boondoggled by war profiteers & politicians

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To The Daily Sun,

What has been our biggest endeavor — our one single achievement in the last 10 years? To be specific: What has taken our time, revenue, our sacred lives — and has been our sole occupation consuming our conscience and psyche? And most importantly, our sense of well-being and security? Simply put: Killing people in midden-eastern countries that we have been told, hundreds of times over, are a danger to our safety and security. Acts of foreign terrorism here in this country, have never existed, but thwarted by alert authorities in a few well publicized cases. Not one American has been killed in a decade! Yet ...
The fight against terrorism is one of the largest industries the military has ever undertaken. It has resulted in multi-billion contracts for our legislators eager to bring business to their home states (regardless of the legitimacy of the cause.) It has resulted in the largest expenditure of money in the last decade for any other single item. By allowing this warfare to continue, we permit the military to further drain our resources and way-of life to point of no-return. We are broke: But we will put another $85 billions in Afghanistan, a country which means nothing to us, in any way.
I am convinced that we have been boondoggled by war-profiteers and politicians who have made this struggle the juggernaut it is!
Where is the money for health care, for disabled vets, for education, rebuilding roads and bridges, for homelessness, cities devastated by storms and tornadoes, and many more urgent needs. We'd spent it all on endless wars based on exaggerated and worn-out claims of physical danger to our nation. it has not happened!
Work for peace in out time!

Leon R. Albushies