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We can't afford to have Shaheen vote to renew the Patriot Act

To The Daily Sun,

Who's reading your e-mail? NSA pressured your e-mail provider to give them your passwords. (See CNET July 25, 2013). Don't count on Senator Shaheen to stop this. She's the same one who set the IRS dogs on you and your friends.

This is all happening under the Patriot Act that has been bastardized by Shaheen's cherished leader, Barack Obama. The Patriot Act expires in 2015. We can't afford to have Shaheen vote for it's renewal.

President Bush only used the Patriot Act to monitor U.S. citizens in touch with suspected overseas terrorists and we had no repeats of 9/11. When Obama and Shaheen took control of the Patriot Act and NSA in 2009 they took direct aim at you and your family's privacy. Since then, terrorists killed our citizens at Ft Hood, Benghazi, Boston. We lost Seal Team 6 after the Obama administration identified their role in the killing of Osama Ben Laden. Do you feel safer?

Some parts of the Patriot Act are necessary, others sacrifice our freedoms and need to be repealed to stop regimes like the Democrats using it against you. Can you afford to let Shaheen vote to reauthorize in 2015? No!

Karen Testerman



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