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I get 2 to 4 calls a day from people trying to sell me something

To The Daily Sun,

I was wondering if anyone else has subscriptions to a magazine or two, because I have. The problem was I gave a subscription to a daughter and I wasn't going to do it another year so I did not renew it. Well I received a bill for another year! I called and they told me I had!

It had showed up on their computer that I had and I told them I hadn't. Well I decided to let it go this time. Then I was still receiving magazines myself and I hadn't ever renewed a bill for another year. I called and they told me the same story. But I hadn't. But I did want it because I really like their magazine. It is very helpful in products you buy and if they are good or not and subjects cover all sorts of things and there are no ads in them.

Well that settled, I received mail from another magazine company and they had a contest with thickets saying you may have the winning ticket for a new car and then they asked if you wanted a subscription. I checked no!

Well a while later I started receiving a bill for a magazine but I put off paying for it. I wouldn't owe that if I had not ordered it because it was in the line of the other magazine I was reading and liked so much. But I still did not send in a payment. Well about three weeks later I received a magazine. Then I realized that the magazine was for the bills I was receiving and I realized I did not order this. So I put cancel on the bill and sent it to them. Meanwhile, I received the free copy they promised to send with the subscription. Well I do like the magazine very much and I can compare what each one has to say that will help with shopping and buying and products that are good and things and companies to stay away from! So I may subscribe. 

Also, I get anywhere from two to four phone calls a day to try to sell me something and I have been receiving calls for almost a week now. Some calls after 8 p.m. I am so sick of it and I was wondering what I could do about them. Now I pick up the phone and hang up on them. Just received another call!

Marilyn Varano


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