VA does offer out-patient care in Manchester & elsewhere in N.H.

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To The Daily Sun,

I enjoyed Bob Meade's article regarding veteran's benefits that ran in the July 23 edition. It was well written and informative. I would like to add a bit of additional information to his next to last paragraph, in which he stated there is no VA hospital in New Hampshire. That is true in the sense that there is not an inpatient facility, however, the VA operates the VA Medical Center at 718 Smyth Road in Manchester, . A variety of primary care and specialty clinics can be found there as well as several other services that may be required by the veteran. This facility also operates four Community Based Outpatient Care ( CBOC ) clinics in Tilton, Portsmouth, Somersworth and Conway.

Veterans who require inpatient care are provided care at other VA hospitals in New England, primarily in Massachusetts. Through an expansion of inpatient care, the VA has contracted with Concord Hospital. This provides local care for the convenience of the patient and his/her family and meets the intent of the bills submitted by Sen. Shaheen (SR239) and Rep. Shea-Porter (HR190) to provide N.H. veterans with the same level of care that the VA provides to veterans in other states. For more information log on to

Robert Lucas