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Ed Philpot is arrogantly standing behindhis divisive rhetoric

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To The Daily Sun,

Ed Philpot recently made some really mean-spirited comments. He publicly called the Republican leaders of our county convention "bad people looking to do bad things", claiming that they "want to kill government". I personally know each of these people. I am honored to call them friends. These are GOOD people looking out for the interest of the hardworking taxpayers of Belknap County. Let's not forget that it was the three person (Ed Philpot included) County Commission that proposed a bloated county budget that would have increased property taxes by a whopping 9 percent, while simultaneously holding over $5 million of OUR money hostage in a unexpended funds. The commissioners then proposed only one option to resolve the jail issue: the most extravagant and expensive option. They never even considered anything less expensive! Why must we always be forced to eat filet mignons when we can only afford ground chuck? The convention had no choice, they had to make some tough decisions; with the economy still sour and unemployment unacceptably high, most taxpayers cannot afford the large tax increase that the commission proposed. No one wants to "kill" government. . . however, the vast majority of Belknap County taxpayers would like to see our county government live within its means. It is refreshing to know that there are still some elected officials who look out for taxpayers.

Kate Miller, the chairperson of the Belknap county Democrat Committee quickly went into damage control mode, writing a letter in this paper suggesting that Commissioner Philpot's comments were taken out of context and stating that he has already apologized for his characterization of the Republican leadership. Unfortunately Ed Philpot is steadfastly and arrogantly standing behind his divisive rhetoric. He is an embarrassment to the county — as is the Belknap Democrat Committee! His Ignorant and inflammatory comments as well as his refusal to walk back his rhetoric has become a crippling roadblock to progress. Why should the convention work with him to move past the gridlock now? What happened to all that Democrat "civility"?

Ed Philpot is a flaming liberal who pushes for the county to adopt the same big government policies that has driven Detroit to bankruptcy. I do believe he should consider resigning for the good of this great county!

Kevin Leandro