Many of our leaders now faking surprise at DPMO scandal

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To The Daily Sun,

It may seem a bit late to thank ALL those who had a hand in putting together the 25th Anniversary POW/MIA Vigil on June 13th and 20th Anniversary Freedom Ride in Meredith, but not really, because the POW/MIA issue continues.

This year's event, like last, was dedicated to the "return" of Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal , American POW being held in Afghanistan. Captured June 30th 2009. Known to be "alive" and we shouldn't be "asking" for "remains" as per usual.

Recent reports by the Government Accountability Office discussing the "ineptitude" of the DPMO (Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office) over the years — some referring to it as "criminally negligent" and "hopelessly corrupt". Also pointing to the failed policies for the Pentagon and DOD in dealing with this department and issue.

As of this day and writing, many senators and other congressional leaders are jumping on a "Band Wagon", calling for an "investigation" — seemingly very surprised at the allegations. This has to be a joke! For years advocates have been giving "facts" as to the failures of this department as well as the leaders of this country in dealing with this issue. With statements like '"the return of a tooth does not give the family the truth!" When we ask for remains, we often receive remains, we seldom seem to ask for LIVE POW's'! How far will this band wagon travel ? Where is the Secretary of State, Vietnam Veteran John Kerry? He well knows the truth! Don't hear much from Senator McCain? Anybody wondering about that? Senator Ayotte has a pretty good in with him. Maybe she could follow up on that?

Anyway, to ALL that took part and continue to do so. . . you see why the Vigil continues? The POW/MIA history is not and was not positive and we cannot allow history to repeat itself and YES it is OUR responsibility because ask yourself, is it a Veteran issue or an AMERICAN issue? Our sons and daughters who serve in uniform, do they belong to ALL of us?

Faith, Trust, Truth, Responsibility and Accountability. . . "Let Us Not Forget" . . . the code we live by.

Bob Jones
Northeast POW/MIA Network