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The Daily Sun gives front & center exposure to many views, including mine

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To The Daily Sun,

To see the public get involved in local politics and government is heartwarming. So, I ask myself, why is there so much back and forth on local matters? It is only because of The Daily Sun. No matter what your position is or how vehement one gets at times, or if you attack The Daily Sun, your letters are printed and they have ignited public response. That is what good journalism is all about. For years, the local people have sat back and not made known their positions. Now, for whatever side they are on, they are speaking out.
Not only does The Sun print your letters, they give front and center to those issues and opinions that often do not represent their own personal views, even when they are criticizing the paper that is printing them and despite the perceived preferences, everyone gets coverage equally and often.
Referring to the editor as having an advantage in local mayoral race because he is the editor of the paper is wrong. He is at a disadvantage, because by the very nature of his position, he cannot react and respond to those critical of him. At some point in time, there will be the proper forum for questions and answers from all candidates.
Local elections are not held on a Democrat or Republican basis. They are nonpartisan and we vote for the person and his record. We vote for the person who will best represent Laconia.
I personally know that my views are most often the opposite of the paper, but I would not be sitting on the council for the past eight years without the coverage the paper has given me.
We should applaud the papers for being the only outlet we all have for getting our message out. Discourse is good, but don't make it personal or party oriented.
Councilor Brenda Baer

Ward 4 - Laconia