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My boat sank in the Broads & I'm luckiest person you could know

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To The Daily Sun,

To my very generous Lake Winnipeaukee and Lake Shore Park Friends (LSP), on Saturday morning I think I became the luckiest person I have ever met.

At 7 a.m., while I was on a sinking boat out in the Broads, I became lucky in many ways. First, Kathy, my wife, had fortunately chosen not to go for a ride. Second, a fantastic, unknown at this point, water-ski family raced over, gave me a rope to tie to the boat as it went down, pulled me out of the water, and called 911. They also used their GPS to document the boats location, and sat with the boat for the entire morning.

I was lucky in another way, as a second generous ski boat family brought me back to the LSP to get my dive gear to retrieve the wreck. My brothers, Frank and Randy, as always, were already on the way to the scene. My good neighbor, Mike Fournier, was woken from a sound sleep, into his boat already en route.

My always overly helpful friends, Tommy and Richard Madden quickly came with Tom's brand new Tri-Toon to use as a retrieval base. Shortly after their arrival, the Department of Safety Officer, Phil Carpenter, and the Alton Fire Rescue Crew arrived, and remained there the whole time for support while staying clear and letting us work.

I can't even remember how many other Lake Shore Park friends showed up with boats to offer help, all are truly appreciated. I do remember returning up from down deep in full scuba gear to meet Aquaman Murphy, in no gear, swimming down to help rig the wreck (must have gills).

After Frank, Randy, and Richard towed the wreck all the miles in to Baby Beach, 10 or 15 other great friends waited for the truck and trailer, and then loaded the boat for me. Tommy proceeded to stay with me for another hour or two and actually got the motor running again!

If I have forgotten to name any helper, I am sorry, but there were so many helping me out that morning. The sense of community is absolutely mind boggling. Thank you so much, I am so lucky.

Gary Cook