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Rosemary's Baby (Obamacare) killing Democrat's election chances

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To The Daily Sun,

Obama is suffering his worst nightmare. The wheels are falling off his Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. You remember that Rosemary's Baby of legislation passed three year ago with bribes and corruption sufficient to make a hooker blush. Nothing assures burning in hell more than a "yes" vote for Obamacare. Even today only 36 percent of Americans support the program and the PAY, PAIN, FINE and JAIL TIME parts of the program have yet to WHACK tens of millions of Americans with greatly higher health insurance costs. Only the sweetener has been handed out in hopes to improve support. The best irony, many Democrats who voted " yes" have since been voted OUT of office for that vote or they retired fearing defeat defending it. Democrats are in PANIC MODE over America's general unhappiness with Obamacare as the year 2014 looms large on the horizon. There has been no surge of public support for Obamacare and Democrats now fear that will translate to big election losses again.
Obama and the Democrats have good concern to be having night sweats. Now, even PROMINENT Democrats are calling for the key aspects of Obamacare to change or be eliminated. The pivotal 30 hour work week rule defining a full-time job in America has been a TRAIN WRECK of demolition to jobs and pay checks. Tens of thousands of employers are trimming the hours of work for millions of people by billions of hours to stay below the 30 hour limit. The harsh employer medicine for not doing so — a $2,000 per employee fine. Millions of low income people are seeing their weekly take home wages slashed as their hours are CUT. Job statistics show TWO part time jobs being created for every new full time ONE. Obama care's legacy will be memorable for ONE ACCOMPLISHMENT... the 30 hour work week that BANKRUPTED MAIN STREET AMERICA.
Union heads representing some of the largest unions in America are OUTRAGED at Obamacare, saying it HAS WRECKED THE 40 HOUR WORK WEEK they worked a century to negotiate. That 40 hours is required to produce a take home pay that supports a family. Unions are screaming Obamacare has diluted every unions bargaining power forever because health care was always a major negotiated item that helped unions get a leg up. Further, Obamacare is going to force hundreds of thousands of union employees to be dumped from employer health rolls on to TAXPAYER-subsidized, state-run, health exchanges saving employers billions in health care costs forcing TAXPAYERS to pick up the tab. Union honchos also say the legislation is going to force many employers to STOP contributing to complex multi-company health care plans that support many low paid workers in service industries. When the top union labor leaders in America are SCREAMING HOW BAD Obamacare is DOES ANYTHING MORE NEED SAYING?
Obama has postponed the employer mandate to 2015. "Technical troubles" he says. The truth he postponed it because if he alienates any more people with the implementation of Obamacare's PAIN and PUNISHMENT it will be 100 percent certain the Senate will be in Republican hands next November. ROSEMARY'S BABY is coming to life and it is KILLING the election prospects of the Democratic Party in 2014. This is the price we pay when America lets the intellectual arrogance of a president replace bipartisan, COMMON SENSE politics.

Tony Boutin