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Anti-gun bunch piled on the let's railroad Zimmerman bandwagon

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To The Daily Sun,

Who could possibly avoid seeing, hearing and/or reading about the Zimmerman case and trial down in Florida? It was everywhere 24/7 the past few weeks but in the aftermath it appears tens of thousand of new arrivals on the planet are making themselves known, demonstrating their complete ignorance of fairness and justice. Honest folks rely on facts and evidence in a trial but two pressure groups are, and have been from the very beginning, attempting to inject race into the case.

The anti-gun bunch saw an opportunity and piled on the railroad Zimmerman bandwagon sighting the stand your ground law which was no more a factor then race, but why let reality get in the way of a good witch hunt? Testimony, Forensic evidence, FBI investigation, state police investigation and local police investigations be damned, these pressure groups, led by Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the yellow journalists of the media prefer cramming their political agendas down America's throats — no evidence necessary. The system must be changed they agitate. Changed to what I have to ask? Rule by pressure groups and malcontents that we see substitute theory's for evidence and invent motives where investigations have found none? How is that better then the rule of law and trial with a jury of ones peers based on the facts of evidence?
Much is being made about Zimmerman not staying in his car, so what? Even a 911 operator does not have police powers — they can only advise, not order, and it is no crime to follow someone out in public. It is a crime however to confront and assault another person, which Martin did. It was a bad mistake on his part but understandable in a strong, young man full of testosterone and confidence. The entire episode was a serious of poor judgments on both parts but in the end it was a case of self defense not murder or manslaughter, so said a jury of his peers.
Steve Earle