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Obama's goal is unrest & rioting in wake of Zimmerman verdict

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To The Daily Sun,
I am going to try to address issues I have with letters that have been written regarding the Martin/Zimmerman issue. Tricky challenge, that, as innuendo and propaganda are thick around this case.
Racial profiling was never an issue; do you lie to a 911 operator in response to a direct question? The main stream news media and their CENSORING of the TRUTH — worse than censoring, total construction of an imagined truth — and political pressure from an administration out to destroy this country turned this into a "black on white crime issue"! How about some useful laws being passed? Like requiring TRUTH IN NEWS MEDIA/AP REPORTING?
Now, if certain liberal writers had done, as they claimed, research on all sides of the issue, they would have attested to character assassination done by the main stream media, and would have provided you with this website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ebu6Yvzs4Ls&feature=em-uploademail which gives you all the truth the news media deliberately altered or censored. In their game of "if/then" statements, they would have had to say "IF Trayvon had acted like a civilized human being— THEN he would still be alive"! (No racial context in that statement at all — nor was there any in the event.)
The kangaroo court that the Obama administration forced through did not provide the outcome they wanted — a guilty verdict — or did it? This was exercise in how far the media can alter reality and have the people eat it up, support it and parrot it. It was a deliberate drive to race riots and an excuse to suspend constitutional government with the imposition of martial law. This can be clearly seen by the Obama administration's actions since the verdict of not guilty came out: they are not trying to calm the country, they are determined to get their unrest and rioting.
People keep saying that Obama is not a tyrant. His administration worked to silence its opposition by sending the IRS after them. This administration has gone out of its way to publicly show that they are willing to destroy a citizen's life by using political pressure to force them into a kangaroo court. Are these not the actions of tyrants?
A. C. R. Piper