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Maybe school administrator would do better job of budgeting

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To The Daily Sun,

Recently I wrote an letter asking the Town of Gilmanton if it might be a good time to consider changing the way our school does business by ridding the town of the SAU offices and hiring a school administrator. Since the SAU offices are up for sale and they will be looking for new space, it seemed like a good time to address this to the town and research possible cost saving by hiring one person to do the job of several by using the resources available at the school .
Mr. Michael Kitch took the questions I posed in my letter, then called Superintendent Fauci for a comment, asking if the SAU is going to close. I hope you didn't think you were going to get the superintendent to "open up" to you. I hope you liked all the statistics you got along with denial that anything is going to change.
The main issue many in our town have is with the elected School Board members who have said openly that they are not on the board to work, but only to have the superintendent do their job for them so they then can vote on those results. One board member told me, "I wanted to be on the School Board because I have children in the school system and I want to make sure they get the best education available. I have a full time job, am a mother and wife and don't have time to look up RSAs or school policies. I leave that to the superintendent". That is NOT what they were elected to do and that is NOT what the taxpayers expect from them.
However, there is another important issue at play here. Over the past six years or more there have been surplus funds of anywhere between $100,000 to over $800,000 at the end of the fiscal year. If the superintendent, financial administrator, and the School Board were intent of being good stewards of the tax dollar we would never see such abnormally high surpluses. Maybe a school administrator would be better at this.
So, Mr. Kitch, you can probably note that there have been ongoing issues between the School Board, the SAU, and the town for many years. I simply posed a possible change from the present system to one that might be more "user friendly". After all, it's OUR MONEY.
Elena Ball