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Coverage of Dem picnic indicative of Sun's bias toward that party

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To The Daily Sun,

While I appreciate The Laconia Daily Sun publishing my previous letter, it is regrettable that they chose to change the title. In doing so, they missed a significant point. Not only were Commissioner Philpot's comments inappropriate, The Sun has been discriminatory in its reporting. Instead of using my title "Crossing the Line on Discrimination", The Sun chose "Why would anyone call an elected official a 'bad' person." The Sun is fueling discrimination against Republicans by the way they have chosen to report on Republicans and Democrats. The Sun is a community newspaper; its focus should be on helping the community, not polarizing it. Issues relative to the jail should be handled as community issues, not as lead-ins to political campaigns.

Recently, I have been disappointed by The Sun's highlighting Democrats while attempting to help divide Republicans. The lead headline "Philpot takes aim at 'bad people' leading GOP Delegation" was the crowning touch. The Laconia Citizen also reported on the same Democrat picnic where Commissioner Philpot made his comments. However, the Citizen article was at the bottom of the first page without a sensational headline. Not only did The Sun exercise poor taste using the quote, they also used poor taste by using "aim" immediately after the Trayvon Martin verdict. The Sun chose to highlight the Democrats with a front page article on Sen. Hosmer, while relegating a subsequent article on Sen. Forrester to the inside of the paper on page 8. The Sun chose to attend and report on the Democrats annual picnic. Yet, they declined an invitation to attend and report on the Belknap County Republicans annual cruise which was attended by over 275 Republicans from all over New Hampshire. Knowing that a reporter might not be able to spend three hours on the Mount Washington, they were invited to come to the pier prior to departure for a story and photos. The Laconia Citizen, also invited, was at the pier and published an article and a photo on the front page just as they did for the Democrats this past week. These are all just more examples of the Sun's demonstrated bias in favor of the Democrats.

On a positive note, I would like to thank The Sun for accomplishing something that often times seems impossible... unifying Republicans covering the broad political spectrum.

I call on The Sun to look closely at the rationale behind their actions. With the Sun's editor running for mayor of Laconia, perhaps there is a reason, but it's not about the community. It's not too late to demonstrate to the community that The Sun puts meeting community needs ahead of gaining political advantage.

Jan Face Glassman
Center Barnstead