What budget did the $400k City Council 'found' come out of

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To The Daily Sun,

I'm glad that the Belknap County Delegation understands that the three commissioners advise, request funding their proposed budget and department administrators answer to the county administrator AND commissioners. Our state representatives establish the final budget. Many of us here in Belknap County have waited for some time to have a group who places the taxpayer first, especially in the present and future when folks in the private sector may be working 60 hours a week — 20 hours at each of their three jobs!
Then to read that the City Council has FOUND nearly $400,000 to promote the entrance to the downtown mall leaves me with one question: what line item in the '13-'14 city budget did you take that money from?
Question for the three commissioners: Do each of you really have a private office built for one?
One remark re: "The Gateway" brought a call during program from Charlie St. Clair (Laconia Antiques). I asked Charlie what new visitors entering downtown through The Gateway would see? I had suggested to business folks in '93 that remaining open later on summer days would be helpful. The hours have not changed. NO, this is not a request. I have some of the same advertisers from the day I started. In nearly 17 years my ads come from around Union Avenue, Gilford, Belmont, and Meredith.
Niel Young