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Had to laugh at Philpot taking credit for record at nursing home

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To The Daily Sun,

After reading Belknap County Commissioner Philpot's statements about the Republican members of the County Delegation, I have to assume he was suffering from a brain freeze. To accuse these members of being "bad people doing bad things" is ridiculous and insulting. The GOP members of the delegation are looking out for the taxpayers — the people who pay the bills. I thought that's what they were elected to do. I realize the commissioners want to build a monument to their service but what I don't understand is how that makes them "good people". I think the problem is the commissioners can't handle the fact that someone is finally looking over their shoulder. They, for too long, have considered the county and the complex their little own fiefdom, which led them to believe they were untouchable.
I had to laugh at Philpot taking credit for the "unblemished rating of the nursing facility." I have to ask, Ed, how many bedpans have you emptied? How many bandages have you changed? How many floors have you washed? How much laundry have you done? How many meals have you prepared? How many MDS's have you ever done? How many care plan meetings have you attended? How many hours have you volunteered in the activities department? The nurses, the aides, the maintenance dept., the laundry workers etc. are responsible for that "unblemished record", not you and the other commissioners. For too long the upper echelon of the county have been patting themselves on the back for the conditions at the facility and giving no credit to the people who work in the trenches.
Some other questions for Mr. Philpot: How much did the new offices for the commissioners cost when remodeled a couple of years ago and how did that project improve conditions for the nursing home residents and the occupants of the jail? How much did the granite sign at he road cost and how did that help these people?
My last question is, did Ms. Deb Shacket have the required scholastic degree when you hired her to be the county administrator and if she didn't does she have one now and who paid for it?
Mr. Philpot, please submit the answers to these questions to The Laconia Sun, the same venue you used to demean the county delegation.

Dave Schwotzer