Convention has never said nothing should be done about jail

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To The Daily Sun,

A few recent letters to the editor make the mistake of ascribing the jail impasse as the responsibility of the Belknap Convention. Unfortunately, when the prior convention voted by a narrow margin to fund the hiring of consultants by the commissioners, it was never envisioned that the price tag would double the early estimates or that staffing costs would more than double.

The convention has never said that nothing should be done and worthwhile recommendations have been made by delegates Tilton and Greemore. The commissioners have been forced to reconsider the Bennett report since it contains mathematical assumptions which are unlikely and result in the current unaffordable design.

Having failed to stuff this monstrous project down the throats of our towns, the commissioners will have the luxury of spending more time
and money to arrive at a different proposal. Let us hope that in this instance they are open to input from the delegates and from the public.

That so much time and money have been wasted is the result of commissioners blind to everything but their own narrow vision.

Rep. Dick Burchell
Belknap 5