Mr. Philpot owes the Belknap House Delegation one huge apology

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To The Daily Sun,

Dear Mr. Philpot:
What a disgraceful display of arrogance in the article on the front page of The Daily Sun describing the Belknap County Delegation as "bad people looking to do bad things"! You have gone too far with the rhetoric by attempting to smear the good names of people who have been tasked with working towards a balanced budget for the county. In case you haven't been in the "real world" lately, look around you and you'll see all of the people in our county struggling to get by while you sit with the other commissioners attempting to find new and different ways to hike the budget and taxes all at the same time.

From the sound of the article, it seems as if you may have stayed at the party too long and need to move over for someone who can think clearly and make informed decisions for the county. In the the meantime, you owe the delegation a HUGE apology.

Elena Ball
Gilmanton Iron Works