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Newfound Lake would be seen as evergy corridor for State of N.H.

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To The Daily Sun,

More than nine months have passed since the international energy giants first revealed their plans to build a series of massive wind turbine farms around Newfound Lake and the Mount Cardigan area.

I can assure you the Wild Meadows Wind Farm project is still on the table. Secondary roads have been cleared, individual turbine sites have been cleared and staked for each turbine location site. So, while many believe that this project is still in discussion stages, I know it is already in motion.

We're not stupid. We know what land clearings look like and we also know it's not free. While controversy continues in Concord about the fate of our community, I ask myself how can this be happening without community approval? I can't give you a timetable for their ground-breaking ribbon-cutting ceremonies because they haven't even filed for a permit yet.

You have to laugh at this type of arrogance, otherwise it will eat you up. If these projects do get the green light, a flurry of activity will start in the region. Once completed, the rural landscape traditionally associated with forests will be dotted by tall, white towers with massive triple-blades, equipped with blinking red lights and many, many power lines.

Details are sketchy at best for us, but rest assured developers are holding the master playbook in hand. Consulting firms have been contracted in helping developers navigate through the permitting process, a college professor is starting up a study with two of her students to tell us how we should feel and lawyers are lobbying in Concord to get'er done.

I laugh because this community is so furious and stand united against these next three developments — not for their aesthetics but for what it will do to our watersheds, rivers, streams and lake. Having five renewable energy plants in the area already... and adding three additional wind farms to this area will change us for decades to come. Newfound Lake will be seen as an energy corridor for the State of New Hampshire.

I can assure you that other Lakes Regions are closely watching us but not helping us. It's time to get some skin in the game and help a neighbor out. We'd do the same for you!

Ray Cunningham