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A story for people still pointing a finger at George Zimmerman

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To The Daily Sun,
After reading letters from people who are unhappy with the verdict in the George Zimmerman Trial, it seems to me that people are, well let me give you an example from my childhood to get the feel of it.
When I was in the 6th grade we were coming home from school one December day after performing our Nativity play. We had them in public school back then. I was a shepherd in the play, wearing a chair cover for a shepherd's robe and having a mop pole for a shepherd's staff. After getting off the school bus my friend and fellow 6th grader Rick took my mop pole from me and threw it over the snowbank into the yard on the corner, which was our bus stop, and he refused to retrieve it. So I challenged Rick to a fight. Rick wanted to change cloths before the fight, so we went to his house. When he came out of his house after changing the fight proceeded. We wrestled around in the snow for a while and ended up in Rick's garage with me pinned against the wall staring at Rick's fist cocked and ready to let me have it in the kisser. A second or so goes by and Rick still hasn't punched me. At this point Ricks older brother comes out of the kitchen door, it was an attached garage, and say's,"hit em Ricky, hit em" and Rick says, "I can't, my hands are cold" (from rolling around in the snow). Well, more seconds went by and I wiggled myself free. I got Rick in a head lock. I was a fairly strong kid. Rick started crying, gave up and I won the fight. Which worked out for both of us, for we were able to become good friends and had many high adventures thereafter.

The fight was only to gain Ricks respect. But now to the point of my writing. There was a girl on the school bus, the prettiest girl on the bus. She apparently like Rick better than me. The next day she came up to me and said, "you're a dirty fighter. You cheated. You got Rick's hands cold so he couldn't fight." Her view was less then unbiased and it reminds me of those still pointing the finger at George Zimmerman. The question is, do we want our justice to be that?

John Demakowski