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When are reps planning on taking tour of the Belknap County Jail?

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To The Daily Sun,
I read a letter to the editor this morning from Bernadette Loesch. You make some good points Bernadette, and I am sure there are other people who are thinking the same way. A sound investment is good business.
Unfortunately, the convention has not seen the facility and obviously do not care about lawsuits. Last May, Superintendant Dan Ward and Commissioner Steve Nedeau came before the Meredith Selectboard with a presentation on a criminal justice system assessment. Mr. Ward, I would consider an expert at his job, handed out a report titled "Criminal Justice Master Plan." This 165 page report prepared by David Bennett should be read by all public officials in Belknap County. A very interesting study indeed.
Mental health and rehabilitation are two highlights in this report. Programs such as cognitive behavioral treatment, a non-clinical form of educating and "New Direction Program" designed to create marketable skills are explained in detail in this report.
On a separate note, as I have already stated the current facility is unsanitary, unsafe and unacceptable for the county employees and those incarcerated there. Anyone of a sane mind who had a tour would agree.
So I will say again to the entire convention, When are you planning on having a tour of the Belknap County Correctional facility? "Are you afraid of the answers?" I find it disappointing that the taxpayers have voted for this kind of conduct. Maybe things will be different next year.
Carla Horne