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Obama's gross dishonesty is not indicative of blacks, it's just him

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To The Daily Sun,

The problem (or advantage) of being black:

Some of our top leaders are black. Starting with our president, Obama, who has, used his father's race as a way to be one of the richest men in the USA, taking over the government as if he is already THE DICTATOR! Maybe many react to his excesses and gross dishonesty as if that is a problem with blacks, but, we know he is a total exception to the norm. I have known many brilliant, honest, and very helpful blacks, starting with the valedictorian of my high school class, also from a poor family. While we played after school, he worked to support his family, helped others with their school work, taught Sunday school, and excelled in sports! And like me, went to Rutgers University, where he was nice to let me ace engineering as he excelled in premedical studies!
We must first look at the history of blacks in America. Many are here as a result of the years of slavery. The blacks in Africa who were chosen for slaves were the easy going nice people. The people in the USA who wanted and could afford slaves were the educated successful ones. Thus slaves were exposed to good education, or good knowledge from observation.
I recall in grade school, as the skinny kid, I got picked on by the cowardly bullies: They were the weak-minded fools, who formed gangs to protect their weakness. I put up with a lot of that bullying, until a big, black kid, came up to me on the playground, and for no apparent reason started a "fight", in which I quickly found myself on top, the winner, with a new good friend! No one picked on me anymore! Shows exceptional kindness and brilliance about behavior!
Gangs are basically a bunch of cowards. As I've observed it, it is very dangerous to be surrounded by a gang of whites, always safe with a gang of blacks, who will protect anyone!
Blacks seem to dominate in sports, with the great combination of exceptional intelligence and strength. During WWII black pilots formed the most outstanding fighter squadron to protect bombers, with record of never losing a bomber! As a pilot since I was 13, with too many airplanes, I'm well aware how extremely difficult their record was: takes exceptional intelligence, skill, and strength! I never could have done that! I much prefer the calm and beauty of soaring, playing the thermals and slope lift from hills, much like three dimensional sailing!
I really wonder why we don't see blacks domineering in sailing. Somehow they just aren't involved. Much sailing, such as racing catamarans, would match their exceptional strength, intelligence, and intuition. Where are they? I'd love to get them into the sail training program at Fay's Boat yard, or as a start, sailing with me, at 80 years old almost a has been for racing, but would love to teach newcomers!
Jack Stephenson