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Sick & tired of race being brought up every time media is hungry

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To The Daily Sun,

I try my best not to spend time responding to letters I read in The Sun but there are times, such as now, when I feel obligated to.

Ms. Loesch had another letter in Wednesday's Sun about the Zimmerman case in Florida and as usual she is grossly misinformed. As the late Sen. Daniel Moynihan of N.Y., one of the last true Democrats, once said, "It is okay to state your own opinion but it's not okay to state your own facts."

Race was never a factor in this case. It was never brought up by the prosecution, it was never considered by the jury, the lead prosecutor said publicly that race wasn't a factor and last but not least Trayvon Martin's parents said they didn't believe race was a factor in their son's death. Those are the facts ma'am. I personally am sick and tired of race being brought into the equation every time the news media on the left is hungry for news and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need a reason to be in the spotlight. Those two have become wealthy through race baiting. If this had been a white on white or black on black or especially a black on white situation it never would have gone beyond the local news. My question is how long are we going to have to pay for the sins of our ancestors. Race relations were getting to the point where it wasn't a part of the conversation any longer until Obama became president but since then he and his attorney general make it a point to bring race into the equation every chance they get. Even Hillary Clinton got in the act today playing for the black vote when she runs for president and she will because her ego won't allow her not to.

Dave Schwotzer