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Having failed at reasonable governance, all 3 men should resign

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To The Daily Sun,

Having been, for so long and so recently, the recipient of misinformation from the Belknap County Commissioners which has been directed at the Belknap Convention, forgive me if my reaction to their concessions (in Thursday's edition of The Daily Sun) to the realities attendant to building a new jail is one of disgust.

The delegation in general and the chairman in particular have been the recipient of many slings and arrows, some as recently as last week.
Review what has been written over the past seven months and you will discover an unbroken record of deceit and manipulation by the
Belknap commissioners.

Representatives Tilton and Greemore, in particular, made sensible observations at the June meeting with the commissioners and their
experts, Ricci Greene. The response was a campaign to paint an unflattering picture of the delegation. Having been left out of the
evaluation and design process for the proposed prison we were asked "where have we been?". Most of us were working on coming to grips with
the problems extant while not subscribing to the inevitability of a forty plus million dollar new building and an additional 2.7 million dollars
in personnel costs.

Having squandered large amounts of time and money and failed at reasonable governance, all three commissioners should consider the
commonweal and resign their seats forthwith.

Rep. Richard B. Burchell
Belknap 5