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Trayvon Martin's death a prop used to forward a leftist agenda

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To the editor:
On Wednesday, you printed a letter from a person called Brenda Sens of Gilmanton. In that letter she makes a couple of statements that I would like to address.
First, she accuses George Zimmerman of committing a "murder" when he shot Trayvon Martin. Excuse me but the man was acquitted of a 2nd degree murder charge and we have yet to be told by any juror that they acquitted Zimmerman despite the evidence. I distinctly recall some members of the O.J. jury publicly stating that they had, in fact voted to acquit despite the evidence (jury nullification). If memory serves me correctly it was a case of trying to make a statement against the LAPD at the time. So, Zimmerman is not a murderer, at least not in the eyes of the law.

Second, Sens claims that Zimmerman used Florida's "stand your ground law" to "get away with it". Really? That law was never at issue in this case and Zimmerman's defense team did not use it as a justification. The claim was that Zimmerman used deadly force to stop an attack when he felt his life was in danger. The fact is that Zimmerman decided to follow Martin. During that time Martin assaulted Zimmerman and at some point Zimmerman felt his life was threatened and he took the action he did. How many times are we allowed to smash someone's head on the ground and how many times can our noses be broken before we are allowed to take action? We can disagree about what action Zimmerman took to end the assault but in the real world what he did is called "self-defense".

Now, of course, if the goal is to restart a fight over the 2nd Amendment then you might make a claim that someone "used" a stand your ground law to "get away with it".

What I believe is this: People see this unfortunate local crime as an opportunity to reignite a battle over the 2nd Amendment after a recent setback. They are cynically using the tragic death of a young man to further the agenda that they refuse to drop. Does anyone really believe that men such as Eric Holder or Al Sharpton give a hoot about Trayvon Martin? George Zimmerman? Believe that if you like but I think you're mistaken. These young men are nothing but props to be used to forward a leftist agenda. It's an evil and cynical game that many in these pages seem ready to play unfortunately.

Eric Shirley