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Every member of Congress is responsible for our burden of debt

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To The Daily Sun,
The current economic system is based upon a lie. "Our" economy and the world's economy are based upon debt. An economy based upon debt, where people borrow to have gratification in realty is a system where people sell themselves into slavery. Debt is the money of slaves. It is absolutely ludicrous and an incredible lie that our individual viability and security, as well as the world's economy can be based upon debt. It is lunacy to think, for "our" economy and the world's economy to recover, banks must start lending and people MUST start borrowing! Debt is contrary to every biblical principle.
Look at what has happened and what is happening (right now) across the "Eurozone". Did borrowing (and over spending) solve their problems? Now, look at our debt. Check out www.usdebtclock.org. The real-time debt clocks are mind numbing. More important than all the debt clocks, is the ratio of the U.S. federal debt to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The current Debt:GDP ratio is at 1.0666 (last year at this time it was 1.03866). This is not good! Several countries in the Eurozone were getting in trouble when their ratio was around 1.04000. By the way, each one of the U..S citizens is in debt to the tune of $50,137 (Last year it was $50,382.00).
Not doing anything is like entering a fairy tale. "I know they're talking nonsense," Alice thought to herself: "and it's foolish to cry about it." So she brushed away her tears, and went on as cheerfully as she could. ("Through the Looking Glass", by Lewis Carroll).
We need to hold every member of Congress accountable for putting every future generation into debt. Nobody wants to cut back the those "necessary" federal programs. Unfortunately, it appears that the decision it is going to be thrust upon my generation very soon! May God Bless America.
Thomas Selling