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Why does convention adhere to penal standards of last century?

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To The Daily Sun,
Just found a very interesting statistic that should be of interest to your readers. With the current debates that are ongoing as to whether or not to build a new correctional facility in Laconia, we might not be aware of what great things are happening in New York State.
In New York State they have revamped their prison system along the lines the model of what Ricci/Greene Associates recently presented to the Belknap County Convention. These statics have shown that the prison population has been reduced by 20 percent and New York State is closing some facilities that are no longer needed. The Ricci/Greene Associates model is in use in many area prisons not only in New York, but many other states. Basically what this says is that the model of rehabilitation to prevent recidivism has slowed down drastically.
If the Belknap County Convention continues to ignore the above mentioned statics they are truly living with their collective heads in the sand. Are they hoping that the problems which currently exist at the decrepit building which houses incarcerated individuals will resolve itself?
May I suggest that the Belknap County Convention seriously reconsider the recommendations of Ricci/Greene in order that New Hampshire can be one of the states having this fantastic outcome. I cannot understand why all the different levels of government involved in this issue have to keep disagreeing, causing unnecessary tensions and just postponing an inevitable outcome.
It truly puzzles me that the convention continues to want to live and govern according to standards from the past century? Why do we have to wait until someone housed in the inadequate, decrepit, abundant violation facility dies? Seems to me that the investment is sound and is based on working successful models in and around the United States.
Representatives: Which way do you want to spend the money? Could it be that you are playing Russian Roulette? A lawsuit could end up costing all levels of government millions of dollars. Either way you are going to pay in the long run... right?
Bernadette Loesch