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I still don't like governmnt imposing on every aspect of life

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To The Daily Sun,
Thanks to the Daily Sun for publishing all kinds of letters from very interesting readers. I'd like to comment about how beautiful Laconia looks. It looks like a lot of money is being spent in the area, so I was curious where it was all coming from. A lot of local businesses contribute to our beauty, but I found a name I wasn't familiar with — HEAL. It means Healthy Eating, Active Living. HEAL helped fund the WOW Trail and they had vegetable gardens in front of the high school last year. They also helped organize the Walk NH Week, the Catch Kids Club, 5-2-1-0 resources, the Meredith Walks Guide, and many other innovative activities. So who are they, and where do they get their funding?
HEAL is sponsored by the Foundation for Healthy Communities and funded by several private organizations, and the N.H. Department of Health & Human Services and the Tides Foundation, of George Soros. Hmm. It's also part of Plan NH, which is part of Granite State Future, funded by grants from the Regional Planning Commissions that get their money from the federal government through Housing and Urban Development, which has a moral obligation to the U.N. to carry out their UN Agenda 21.
No wonder the federal government doesn't have any money. It is spending so much of it on these feel-good projects that #1 we don't need, and #2 we could do ourselves. So why is the government so interested in spending our tax money on communities all over the country? I got some of my answer from Plan NH's website. They say, "The communities have received approximately $10,000 in grant monies and will continue to receive $60,000 of training and technical assistance over a two-year grant period. The grants were awarded to help communities identify and implement municipal strategies –— such as adding bike paths, sidewalks, and farmers markets — to provide more choices for residents to eat healthy and be physically active. Special consideration was given to rural towns and urban neighborhoods with health, social and economic disparities...
"The HEAL Community Grant Program is unusual because it requires municipal management (mayors, selectboards, town managers) to take the lead in mobilizing community members to work together — in contrast with traditional community health improvement models led by public health agencies or nonprofits."
My take on government grants is that there is no such thing as "Free Money". There's always strings attached. So I checked out Agenda 21 to see what it says. They are proscribing a global partnership for sustainable development. How does that affect us? Principle 5 encourages "states" to decrease the disparities of the standards of living of the majority of the people of the world. What does that have to do with HEAL? See above paragraph. Well, I haven't read all 300 pages of the agenda yet, but I believe it's not a good use of our taxpayer's dollars. Even though it "feels good". I still don't like the government imposing itself on every aspect of my life. Is this our future?
Peggy Graham