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If $42.5M number for a new jail is wrong, give us the right one

To The Daily Sun,
Concerning the article in the July 11 edition of The Laconia Daily Sun, for the sake of clarity I wish to give an alternate explanation to
those offered by the county commissioners for the failure of the proposal for a new jail to gain consensus.
For the commissioners to state that this proposal has been on-going and to ask where the convention has been seems a little disingenuous since the convention and John Q. Public were excluded from the design process which yielded this Colossus.
Secondly, I have not heard any delegate say that nothing should be done. The observation that we have to go back and address steps
which were ignored by the commissioners has been made.
Thirdly, it is circuitous logic to state that there a lot of misinformation out there since the sources of the 42.5 million dollar price tag and for the annual personnel payroll increase of 2.6 million are the commissioners themselves and the experts whom they hired. If there are other numbers which are more accurate, I would like to review those numbers and their source.
To offer the viewpoint that the convention does not give a damn is unprofessional and unjust. The delegates have consistently tried to
walk the line between fiscal responsibility at a time of economic hardship for many and authorizing sufficient monies so that real needs
are met. I am confident that we will continue to do just that.
Rep. Richard B. Burchell
Belknap 5
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