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What I would argue is that racism & prejudice are alive & well in U.S.

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To The Daily Sun,
Dear Mr. Russ Wiles:
I wasn't going to answer you latest letter to the editor: "You know Zimmerman but bet you've never heard of George Thomas". Oh well, so much for entertaining that thought on my part. I will admit to you that I do not personally know either individual you refer to in your letter. But I will tell you this fact, I know that they were both involved in crimes whether they be the alleged perpetrator or victim.
I will tell you very sincerely that I and many millions of others in this country have been exposed to daily reports of gun violence through reporting from the media whether it be via TV, radio, in print or online. In point of fact we have been deluged with horrors each and every day concerning violence with guns and other weapons.
You are entitled to take the opportunity (as you do quite frequently) to express your comments about current events. You are entitled to your opinions. But sir, you are not entitled to assume what I do or do not know on any particular issue(s).
While I admire Yogi Berra and his unique speaking style and of course his stellar baseball career, I addressed almost all points in your letter concerning George Zimmerman from what I watched each day on TV and read in print from the day that the murder of Trayvon Martin occurred.
I do not write or offer any opinions with "left leaning" arguments or points of view. I have and will continue to look at both sides of every issue, been doing this since my teenage years, to a fault. Because of my background dealing firsthand (I won't bore you with the details) with local, state and federal officials, the court system (right on up to the Supreme Court) and Due Process Rights, let me assure you that before I write a letter to the editor my thoughts are pondered, researched and written in logical cohesive steps.
You query, ... "why would a Maryland teacher, use a "current affairs" lesson plan which compared the killing of Trayvon to the killing a 14 year old black boy, Emmitt Till"....? Why not let the students ask questions and use their critical thinking skills? Other than parents of students, who better than a teacher who is qualified and responsible for the education our children... right?
The very young in this country are being exposed to violence real or perceived each and every day of their lives. It's not a secret discussed in "back rooms", it's "in our face" 24/7... 365 days a year.
What I would argue is that racism and prejudice are alive and well in this country. Sad to say, the color of a person's skin does matter... why? In this day and age for skin color to cloud our opinions be it positive or negative pollutes any logical decisions or outcomes in the legal arena and in our daily lives.
I don't judge you by your admitted conservative views or values. I merely read what you write, then decide whether I will be able to agree or disagree with you.
Bernadette Loesch