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What summer vacation? Thank you to all our dedicated teachers

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To The Daily Sun,
Two posts that I received on Facebook today were ones that I wish every taxpayer and parent would have been privy to, so I hope that you will make them known. Though these were only but two with similar messages that are posted to me frequently from friends and colleagues in the school systems of Gilford and Governor Wentworth, I feel that they are worthy to share.
July 9, 2013: "Going into school to start getting some stuff together for next year. I'll take advantage of the yucky weather!"
And later that day another post read: "Feeling good that I got a lot done at school today. (I) Made 100 Weekend Journals and 25 math assessment booklets, yeah!!!"
We should all applaud the dedication of the educators in our school systems that go above and beyond... nights, weekends, vacations, and summer. Send a teacher a thank you note. It means so very much!
Thank you to all our dedicated teachers,
Paula Dickinson