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Those attacking family planning clinics are morally bankrupt

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To The Daily Sun,
Tony Boutin is a bootin' again! That uncontrollable rant towards George Maloof was about the best hissy-fit I have read in a long time! One half-crazed sentence after another, YELLING AWAY,  as is his habit. But Tony, if you dislike bankrupt ideas why don't you turn against the party that brought the nation to its knees in 2008? Ya know, the big fat Elephants gloating and bloating with pride after they attack workers, unions, women, gays, needy families and the environment; ya know, the one that allowed investors with its "morally correcting capitalism" to scheme and steal billion from millions of people, causing them to lose their cars, their homes and their family's economic stability. Heartless sociopaths galore! What is in that Tea? Amanita Muscaria? And be sure to support progressives who are still fuming over George Bush's Howdy Doody Defense Department's handling of the wars which he didn't even pay for. And you folks blather about leaving debt for future generations. Trillions on a damn lie!. And incompetent dithering in Afghanistan! Austrian Economics is bankrupt, being a cause of both the Great Recession and the recession of the 1980s.
Those who attack family planning clinics are not only morally bankrupt, they are ignorant fools. Closing clinics increases unintended pregnancies, abortions and STDs. DUH! How stupid can these people get. Crabby conscience-free conservatism is not only bankrupt, it stinks of every moral and ethical disease I can think of. Tony, you have to be one crazy dude to think the way you do. BTW, whoever George Maloof is... A BIG SHOUT OUT and two thumbs up! I very much enjoy your letters.
James Veverka