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Administration is kicking Constitution around like a soccer ball

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To The Daily Sun,
I find it interesting to see how many Democrat/liberal/progressives who, when they don't have facts to support their positions, resort to the tactic of attempting to smear the opposition. Last week it was Professor Maloof who didn't have his facts right. In his letter to The Daily Sun on Tuesday, Werner Dietrich gave us another demonstration of being careless with the facts and liberal with his personal attacks. As to his "facts", none of those "clownish buffoons" candidates that he mentioned were "front runners". In fact, Donald Trump was not even entered in the primaries. Dietrich also charges that the fact that 80 percent of the Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is somehow "false advertising". His argument for that claim is that many of the "Dixiecrats" later became Republicans. I guess he didn't know that the most famous of those Dixiecrats, Robert Byrd, the former Exalted Cyclops leader of the Ku Klux Klan, was later voted, by his fellow Democrats, to be the majority leader of the Senate.
I gather that Mr. Dietrich is happy as a clam about the current administration kicking the Constitution and Bill of Rights around as though it were an old soccer ball. Can Mr. Maloof or Mr. Dietrich tell us where the president was when four American were killed in Benghazi? Or who gave the order not to send help? Or who was involved in the IRS scandal? Or who gave the order to follow reporter James Rosen's every move? And while you're at it, check into the legality of the president delaying implementation of Obamacare until after the 2014 election? And all those telephone records of just plain folks — what's up with that? Good Democrat, liberal progressives that you are, you shouldn't have any trouble getting answers from the "most transparent" administration in our history.
For sure, it's not your daddy's Democrat party any more.
Bob Meade