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Nature of the universe is conservation; E=mc2 is its statement

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To The Daily Sun,
Neo-cons (new conservatives) originated in the 1960s from a group of anti-soviet liberals and social Democrats who come from intellectuals writing in the journal of the American Jewish Committee, which had replaced the earlier Contemporary Jewish Record of the 1940s. Letter writer George Maloof referenced neo-cons in a long opening paragraph about conservatives. The twist being his reference is towards those "old" liberals who just can't progress. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat dissatisfied with the neo-libs, who are the neo-cons Maloof references; he ran as a Republican.
He goes on then to "broad stroke" conservatives as reactionary fundamentalist of the "Religious Right" of all the religions around the world who are notorious for overreaching. The thick and desirably sticking paint on his brush, a colorless "cognitive dissonance", is summed up as, "they don't like change". Ending with what might be a brilliant thought, "Einstein, who was no conservative . . .", except Einstein was the ultimate conservative.
For over a hundred years an effort has sought to disprove his foundational equations, string theory the latest, all have only succeeded to secure it. The nature of the universe is conservation, was it otherwise the energy which created it would long ago have burnt out. E=mc² is the statement of conservation as it states energy and mass are equivalent. The ends of the universe is limited only by our ability to see.
Psychologists have terms for everything, if they don't they lump it in somewhere as it may always be redefined.
His gospel of terms and definition chase after a desperate search for a truth which only may be found when one looks into a mirror. That long list of labeling others is the cloth which comforts those who are unable to define themselves.
Politically, a conservative — which I consider myself — is one who adheres to the Articles of the N.H. Constitution, Part I — The Bill of Rights. Has there been change, yes, and there has been a more recent redefining of the RSAs as a means of that change. Article IV. Among the natural rights, some are in their very nature unalienable, because no equivalent can be given or received for them. Of this kind are the RIGHTS OF CONSCIENCE. Psychologists most likely have a term for that as well, fortunate for them it is "their" right as well!
G.W. Brooks