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Granite State Future goal will be to get us to accept 'free' money

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To The Daily Sun,
The nine unelected Regional Planning Commissioners are pushing their vision to permanently change every N.H. town and city into their perception of the new N.H., by mandating equal outcomes for everyone and not equal opportunity. This perverted vision disregards our elected representatives form of local and state government.Through the tenacles of their regional planning framework, the Granite State Future intrudes into virtually every aspect of our lives — housing, health (HEAL Program), transportation, water infrastructure, environment, economic development, climate control assessments, energy efficiency, education and green building.
The structure of the Granite State Future program includes state and federal agencies (as well as special pay-to-play organizations) that have contractually committed to "cross intergrate their policies with the statewide policy framework". Each of these "chosen" partners have been granted a direct conduit into defining New Hampshire state policy — conveniently bypassing our State Legislature. The deceptive plan to implement this agenda (without elected oversight) is to use state agency policies and regulations via Granite State Future partner agencies to impose the Granite State Future with the force of the law, circumventing our elected representatives.
We should all be concerned based on the recent abuses by the EPA, IRS, and NSA. Need more convincing? Ask the regional planning commissioners who owns the water in your well. They'll say the water is a "community resource" that must be protected by the state. By "protected", they mean regulated and taxed.
The regional planning commissioners, via the Granite State Future program, presented their vision to our N.H. representatives on June 11, 2013. The meeting was a "Listening Session that was chaired by Ben Frost, the director of N.H. Housing Finance Authority (NHHFA), a pay-to-play partner in the Granite State Futures program The NHHFA is overseeing the distribution of HUD's Community Planning Grant Funding (CPG) in N.H. They are pushing the bait of "free money" to willingly entice communities into relinquishing their property rights and local zoning control — in perpetuity — using a deceptive, systematic scheme that is being implemented slowly and incrementally. Once grant money is accepted, towns and cities will be left with little to no options to change their minds.
The grants are presented as innocuous to the recipients, but in reality they open the door for the federal government (via HUD and other federal agencies), to dictate changes in local zoning ordinances under the guise of fair housing. And if towns fail to comply HUD can wield its iron fist by using the brute force and full power of the federal government.
Westchester County, N.Y. accepted Community Planning Grant money, and is now in battle for its life. Based upon the grant agreement, HUD is now trying to force the county to meet HUD's definition of "fair housing" by demanding Westchester County change all zoning in every town AND build 10,768 "affortable" homes at a cost to Westchester County taxpayers of $700M to $1B (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kZJYD2XvpM). Former HUD Deputy Secretary Ron Simms referred to Westchester "as a model for building strong, inclusive sustainable communities across the entire United States." This approach is coming to the Live Free or Die Free State via the Trojan Horse called the Granite State Future program.
Call your selectmen, state representatives, senators and governor. Tell them to end this deceptive program to usurp our GOD given rights to Life, Liberty and Property.
Rosemary Landry